Threaded Rods Uses / Threaded Bars Applications

A type of metal fastener with threads that is cut into both the ends is known as threaded rods. The diameter of threaded rod is the same along the complete length. These rods sometimes feature along the entire length and at times only at the either end. They are at times referred to as all-thread or sometimes simply stud. The threaded rod Kanika Group is basically used to fasten wood or metal together. It acts as a pin that is used to connect two materials together. They are also used to stabilize structures by inserting them into concrete or wood during repair. The builders use threaded rods while constructing homes or different types of buildings. The metal workers are popularly known for the use of these threads when they build furniture or consumer goods. The threaded rods serve as the best method to hang sheet metal ducts or any other equipment worldwide.

What are Threaded Rods Features & uses?

- The threaded rod is a versatile product that is used in all types of industries such as, electrical, agricultural and construction.
- It is more popular as it eliminates the need for raw material. You will also not require threading equipment or any type of dies. These rods are produced with threads and is rolled under high pressure. This gives them greater strength therefore can be used along with standard nuts and washers.
- The benefit with the rods is that they can be cut with the help of metal cutting hack saw or may be power band saw. This makes the nuts move easily over the threads.
- If you use a rough saw, then you will require minimum debarring to clean the saw end. They are supplied in special lengths and grades.
- The threaded rods are ideal for plant maintenance and industries more where corrosive conditions exist. It also requires high humidity which is found in agricultural and electrical components.
- It is seen to be quite popular in plumbing and contractor fields. It is more needed in places where cleanliness and attractiveness is necessary.
- It is greatly resistant to corrosion so is widely used in medical, maintenance and machinery.
- Threaded Rods is used as Epoxy Anchors. When anchor bolts are needed in pre-existing concrete, a hole is drilled into the concrete, then the hole is filled with epoxy and a piece of all thread rod is placed in the hole.
- All thread rods are also commonly used as extenders in the field. Sometimes anchor bolts are set too low, and when this occurs, the easiest fix is to extend the anchor bolt with a coupling nut and piece of threaded rod.
- All thread rods are often used as anchor bolts. They are embedded in concrete and provide pull out resistance with their fully threaded bodies, along with the help of a nut, or nut and plate combination.
- All thread rod is also commonly used to bolt pipe flanges together. This is especially true for A193 Grade B7 all thread rod which is designed for high temperature, high pressure applications.
- All thread rods are also used in the pole line industry as double arming bolts. This bolt type is used to secure one cross arm on each side of a wooden utility pole.

The threading allows those who use threaded rods to use them with nuts, bolts, and more. These can be screwed directly on to the rods quickly. The rods can deal with high levels of pressure and tension without a problem. A wide range of businesses use threaded rods, including but not limited to the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries. They can join materials like wood and metal together and act as a pin that connects them. They can also be put directly into wood or concrete to complete repairs. Additionally, threaded rods can offer stabilization to everything from furniture to walls. They are known to be sturdy and durable and will add strength whenever you put them to use.

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