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Spring Washers

Kanika Exports manufactures Spring and Locking Washers and supplies to a large number of plumbing and construction companies.

Locking washers, which prevent fastening or loosening by preventing unscrewing rotation of the fastening device; locking washers are usually also spring washers.

Spring washers, which have axial flexibility are used to prevent fastening or loosening due to vibrations.Spring washers, sometimes called disc springs, are a subtype of washers.

They lend their mechanical capabilities to the unique profile of the material: when subject to a load, the irregularities of the washer compress with a proportionate resistance to return to their predeflected shape. Spring washers are employed in applications where assemblies need a part to take up play, eliminate rattle, maintain assembly tension, compensate for expansion or contraction in materials after assembly, or to absorb intermittent shock loads and provide a controlled reaction under dynamic loads.

Spring Washer
Spring Washer
Double Coil Spring Washer
Spring Washer